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As organizations committed to serving at-risk children and families, we want to be their biggest advocates and most ardent protectors during times of vulnerability. Unfortunately, if we are not cautious and wise, we can inadvertently become a source of exploitation and concern in the ways we share their information. Being strategic in how we approach and implement communication can ensure we prioritize people over opportunities.  In this eCourse, you will learn how your program can support confidentiality by developing and implementing a plan that effectively protects the privacy of the children and families you serve.  

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Earn a CAFO Certificate of Completion by which CAFO stands behind your commitment to learn, grow in, and apply best practices and wisdom-guided.

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Use our editable, logo-free templates to help you make a plan of action for how you can improve the quality of service you provide. These free introductory tools are accessible to any organization or advocate.  

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Access a team discussion and summary guide that includes prompts to help your team reflect on and discuss next steps and highlights relevant resources for further investigation.

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The Core Elements of Success in OVC Care

This eCourse is part of the Core Elements of Success in OVC Care program. It is targeted toward supporting NGOs serving vulnerable children and families as they develop and engage in partnerships with government agencies, other NGOs, churches, and other stakeholders, but principles may apply more broadly.

Ideally, it will be used in conjunction with the Core Elements Self-Assessment and other Core Elements eCourses.

This eCourse can be completed on your own, with a partner or as a team. We believe that teams learning together is where growth begins, and we are here to support you in your process of equipping your team to care well for vulnerable children and families.